My Current Favourite YouTubers

I recently started to get a bit sick and tired of watching the same YouTubers talking about the same topics over and over again; beauty YouTubers started to be the only kind of videos I was watching and I kind of forgot that people use YouTube to talk about so many other things that I’m interested in. To celebrate that and the road of discovery that followed, here are my current 5 favourite YouTube channels…
I really love stories as we know from my passion for theatre so films really interest me as well. What I really love though is the hype that surrounds movies and the production behind them; I actually find it just as interesting as the movies themselves. Grace from Beyond The Trailer combines that perfectly and shares her full reviews of film trailers as well as movie news and recommendations. Plus, if you’re a fan of the box office success of movies, her channel MovieMath is good for that as well!

I’m a massive fan of understanding things to help combat prejudices like transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism and all of the other ‘isms around and Ashley Mardell is fantastic at keeping me all clued up on those things. Ashley makes videos raising awareness about both the basics and the nitty gritty on topics like trans people and gay people; incredibly eyeopening and I always feel like I’ve left having learned something.

Todrick Hall of todrickhall
Hall has been pretty famous for a while now with his original takes on songs going viral. Now, he has his own MTV reality show which is coming to the UK very soon but in the meantime, I love watching his vlogs and performances that he regularly uploads to his channel. Not only is he a fantastic performer to watch but his ability to create songs that are so catchy and so much fun is infectious.

Samar Naserri of Sam4G0d
Possibly my favourite person to watch on the internet as of late is Sam who makes videos on topics ranging from her passion of musical theatre to Disney to anything that interests her life. Every one of her videos is filled with so much laughter and fun as well as making me happy to be watching someone who has very similar passions to myself. If you fancy getting lost in a series of fun YouTube videos for a whole afternoon then her channel is definitely the place to be.

Ellie Steadman of Ellie Steadman
I learned who Ellie was through watching a video she did with another YouTuber a few months back and fell in love with her sweet approach to making videos. She talks a lot about her love for Disney and the Disney parks which is always great fun to listen to, as well as spicing things up a bit with generally fun videos.

Who are your current favourites? Tweet me @shaunycat and let me know!

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