SUPERGIRL: Best & Worst Moments of the Pilot

My mum has always loved superheros and with that has come my inherent liking of them; I guess it also comes hand-in-hand with my love for science fiction, because I really like massive action scenes that end with a satisfyingly cliche success in the hands of the main hero of the show. In this case, I was super excited to see Supergirl come to the screen and was even happier to see it start-up in the form of a television series – I recently got into The Flash and love that, so it’s nice to see the same idea of superheros on TV be used again for this franchise. Filled with excitement, I watched the episode for myself very shortly after its American television debut on Monday evening and to celebrate the show’s UK debut on Sky 1 tonight at 8pm, I thought I’d share with you the best and worst moments of the Pilot (in my opinion).
I think it’s blindingly obvious that the casting of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl/Cara is absolutely fantastic. Benoist played Marley ‘The New Rachel’ Rose on Glee in the show’s fourth and fifth seasons and she has this fantastic ability to play the relatable and down-to-Earth girl, as well as having the desirably cool and kooky quality as well. It makes her extremely likable, which is seriously important for an out-there female superhero at the centre of a major television drama. With her likeable aura comes her likeable approach to battling foes in the show and it was nice to see the character find her feet in this superhero world that she’d totally forgotten about with such full-force. Supergirl starts her missions by saving a crashing plane, much like her cousin Superman does at the start of his career, and she really makes the big action sequences and successfully made me root for Supergirl to succeed.
I also love the way the rest of the season is planned to go following the opening episode. The trailer for the rest of the season that was shown at the end of the episode suggests that a different villain will be offered to Supergirl each week and she’ll need to find a way to battle them, all while working around a typical love triangle and trying to keep her identity a secret. I suppose in a way this is cliched and I’m not a big fan of cliches, but it’s a cliche that works and it makes for easy watching and that is exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to this show. I do have a problem with the story though and I guess it’s because it’s a television show; there really is only so much you can pack into 45 minutes worth of a TV episode. This was pretty obvious when it came to setting up a back story for the history of Supergirl. It’s a story you’d know if you even knew the slightest bit of information about her, but it was hard for the show to be able to balance the repercussions of her backstory with a solid story to make the pilot episode worthwhile. They did it well in that they managed to cover enough ground, but it did feel like some corners were cut when doing this: it’s pretty unbelievable that she wouldn’t have used her superpowers in over twenty years, but would suddenly be able to fly on demand at a moment’s notice… hmm.
Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of this series and will definitely be tuning in for the rest. It seems like a fantastic story packed with solid action, humour and drama will be sliced up every week for the next few months. I’m excited and you should be too. Supergirl makes its UK premiere tonight at 8pm on Sky1 and will continue to show at that time from this week onwards – I’ll be watching!

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