Halloween and Me

I actually really like Halloween a lot and as you can see from above, I quite like getting into the Halloween spirit as well. In 2012, I decided to take on my favourite YouTube sensation of the time MirandaSings and embody her (with perfection, obvs) for the selfie on the far left. It went down quite well actually and I had red bottoms on just like her and everything – the wig did keep getting stuck on the lipstick though! A year later, I decided to try being a Minion and made me costume from scratch once again. I got a yellow top from a charity shop and drew the Gru Inc. logo on using a sharpie and stencil (it’s backwards because the video clip that shot is taken from is flipped for some reason) and paired it with denim shorts and red braces. I then somehow managed to find a yellow beanie hat and made my own goggles out of polystyrene cups and elastic… it was a bit of a faff but it’s actually my favourite costume I’ve made so far.
Last year, none of my friends had a party so my friends Lucy, Maria and I decided to have some Halloween fun and attempt some good old trick or treating around where Lucy lives. I decided to be a “Meow” as my sister calls cats and did the basic cat makeup with cat ears and a random beanbag for a cape… I don’t know why to be quite honest with you. This year though, I’m back on track with enjoying Halloween dressing up as much as possible: Maleficent was my task this year. As it stands, I’m sat here staring at the staff my Dad very kindly made for me which matches the character’s staff with perfection as well as some rehearsed makeup in my head and some horns ready for me to wear too – I really love Halloween and I love putting as much effort into it as possible (or is appropriate, because I don’t wanna end up like Cady when she goes to the Halloween party in Mean Girls… or Georgia at the beginning of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging).
Why am I sharing this with you? I think it’s great fun to look back on a celebration like Halloween and see how your opinions have changed over the years. I find it interesting to see that I didn’t like putting in as much effort some years in comparison to other years and how my choices in characters have changed as well. Especially because I like making my costumes, I also like to see what kind of things I made and how much fun it was doing it, too. I also came to realise this year that I’ve unintenionally been dressing up as characters that begin with M every year (MirandaSings, a Minion, a “Meow” and now Maleficent) which is a pretty cool coincidence in my eyes!
Do you enjoy Halloween, and what are you dressing up as? Lemme know in the comments down below and don’t forget to head to my Instagram tonight to see how my costume looks this year!

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