Worth The Hype? Bond #24: SPECTRE Review

I really bloody like Bond films and the Daniel Craig films of recent years are undeniably some of the best Bond films to have ever been released (followed by Pierce Brosnan’s movies in my opinion, which is a very controversial opinion indeed). Naturally, I got myself down to the local cinema as soon as I could after the film’s release almost a fortnight ago with my Grandma, because we always Bond-it-up together, and it’s taken me until now to sit down and turn the notes I made into a full review.
The main question is if this film is worth the massive hype that surrounds it and undeniably, the answer is yes, but is this the best Bond flick ever made? No, not at all, because Skyfall is forever going to be one of the best alongside Casino Royale, but it was bloody good to say the least. It’s hard to make a Bond film stand out as being superior though in comparison to the others when every film in the franchise is essentially based on the magical Bond formula that is used almost every time; the only reason these films continue to be so successful is because the action gets bigger and better each time, and because there’s something so enjoyable about a film that tries to be as realistic as possible now it’s back in another renaissance era, yet is so unbelievably predictable and convenient in its consequences.
The main thing that distracted me in this Bond movie funnily enough was Daniel Craig and how I really think it might be time for him to hang up his hat with this franchise and move on. It feels like Craig is slowly turning into less of a slick and sexy Bond and more into a silver fox trying his best to do the job – I know that Daniel Craig is only 47, but the vast majority of Sean Connery’s Bond films were filmed during his 30s. Having said this, rumours are flying around suggesting that my wishes will be granted, but Craig is contracted to do a fifth Bond film so I guess we’re going to have to see. The rest of the cast are sublime though and I especially love the addition of Ralph Fiennes as M now that Judi Dench has left the franchise and how both Noamie Harris and Ben Whishaw (as Miss Moneypenny and Q respectively) have stepped up in terms of the presence of their characters and they played much bigger roles in this movie.
For those who are interested in the story: Bond has been kicked out of the 007 programme after Max Denbigh from the British government decides to terminate the programme in favour of a new and more modern process of spy work. Bond works against this by fulfilling Judi Dench’s M’s wishes from beyond the grave ultimately tackling the evil works of Spectre once again (a Bond villain team that we haven’t seen in a Bond film since 1971’s ‘Diamonds Are Forever’). Bond must save the girl, himself and the future of the secret service by taking Blofeld out ‘one final time’. It’s a fine story and actually wraps up all four of the Daniel Craig Bond films really nicely, but is obviously predictable like they always are.
Do I think it’s worth you taking a trip to see this film? I really do actually and I think Bond films have this ability to be universally appropriate to people who are both ongoing fans of the franchise, who have only seen the odd movie, or have never been to see a Bond flick before. It’s a fantastic addition to the Bond movie lineup and isn’t a bad film by any means, but in my opinion, there was a certain sense of genuine thrill and suspense that the movie was slightly lacking.

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