My SPOILER-FREE Review of STAR WARS Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Since I’m writing this as I’m on my way home, let’s consider this to be a spoiler-free first impressions on the film as opposed to a full review (I will post a full review with spoilers on my YouTube channel on Saturday afternoon after I’ve seen the film again). My first impression though? I liked it, I really, really liked it – this film really feels like the old Star Wars but for a modern age. It’s not a carbon copy of the originals and it’s most certainly not anything at all like the prequels; it’s brand new and it really feels like an updated version of the originals. It was a very pleasant watch and it felt very good indeed.

How did I feel about the overall affect leaving the theatre though? I sat there in silence and walked out in silence actually. I felt shocked, moved and touched and it was nice to see the movie be able to do that to me. I won’t lie to you and nor will I spoil anything for you, but some parts happen that I actually hated at first and now as I write this, I’m coming to appreciate their decisions to take such bold steps and I’m content with it. It really is a film that is stunning in every sense of the word and it really does take you a while to gather your thoughts; I’m looking forward to seeing it again on Friday to hopefully come to terms with the film and appreciate it fully.

Casting-wise, I was very impressed with every character. I absolutely love Rey and she is 100% my new favourite Star Wars character, not only for her wisdom and intelligence, but for her ability to take this story and really make it her own; both Finn and BB8 are amazing as well, so amazing in fact that I question whether or not I like them even more than some of the stories’ original characters in fact. Poe Dameron is another character I loved seeing and his charming presence was thoroughly enjoyable, and Han and Leia were truly charming sights to see whenever they were on screen; It was so nice to see these characters back in the franchise in such a well planned out way. Kylo Ren was also absolutely amazing despite the fact that I didn’t think I would like him. Arguably, Adam Driver (who I only know from watching Girls) was a bad casting choice, but I’d actually argue that he manages to capture the sinister yet humane aura surrounding Kylo Ren very well indeed and it made his character a really interesting villain to follow. The powers that he has were seriously bad ass and there’s something strangely sexy about the character’s youth that really made me feel like he was a truly cool villain, in comparison to Darth Vader who was just powerful and ruthless (I do like Vader, but his villainous qualities are most definitely dated, so it was nice to see Kylo Ren put a much more modern spin on things).

As far as keeping things spoiler free, that’s all I can really say so make sure to catch my spoiler filled review on Saturday afternoon but I’ll leave you with this: you will not be a disappointed Star Wars fan after seeing this film. You might feel uncomfortable when leaving the cinema just like I did, sure, but Star Wars is most definitely back as it once was.

Edit: You can now watch my full, spoiler-filled review on my YouTube channel, here.

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