Shaunyland in 2016

I make one of these every year and end up saying a load of really specific bullshit on my upload schedule and my ideas and plans for the year ahead and I never end up doing it; I know I said a heap of stuff in my post like this one last year and the serious lack of content throughout the majority of the year goes to show that I really didn’t stick to it. In fact, 2015 might well have been the year I posted the least content ever on my platforms (if you ignore what I’ve done with LondonTheatreDirect that is, because 99% of what I’ve done with them was in 2015). Despite this fact though, 2015 was most definitely the best year of my life so far. Even though the year started off with exam stress, I weirdly began to enjoy it when the exam season hit and I was revising with friends and finally saying goodbye to a wealth of subjects that I never really enjoyed. Of course, I did have a big trip to look forward to just a week after my final exam: I made the trip of my dreams to New York this June as well where I saw every sight I’d ever wanted to see, took in all the culture I could dream of, and of course I indulged in the comfort of Broadway on five separate occasions. My time in New York alone made this past year mindblowingly good. I then came back from that holiday and went to my school prom with great friends, where I sadly said goodbye to so many but reminisced with so many more. Fast forward through the very long and relaxing 12 week summer and it was a great feeling to be able to step back into the school I called home for my next step of education in September where I’ve been throwing myself at every opportunity I possibly can – much like me stepping into a local production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Carousel this year alongside Em (from OhMyMusicals) when they needed someone to fill in. That, in turn, led to me being awarded my NODA London Flame Award for Inspirational Contribution in the Pursuit of Excellence in Theatre for my performance in Fiddler on the Roof last year. Then I ended the year with a bang with many friends and loved ones just feeling so good about the year gone by. 2015 was a fantastic year in the eyes of both my accomplishments and my personal life, and I loved every second of it.
As per usual, it is my aim to make the next year even better than the one before and I’ve already put some fantastic plans in motion behind the scenes (watch this space). I’m already trying to better myself by being more dedicated to my blogging, namely by reawakening my @smusicalmusings Twitter account and re-inventing that over the next few days as well as a blog redesign over on Shaun’s Musical Musings in the coming weeks and perhaps some changes around these parts as well. I then think it’s really important to make sure that I stick to blogging regularly, but when I feel passionate about blogging about something. That way, I’m not producing a load of absolute crap for the sake of saying I’ve made extra content. It’s exciting and what I have planned is exciting and now I just can’t wait to get it started.
I’ll be uploading a new vlog and video on my YouTube channel today with the video being about my New Year’s Resolutions so keep an eye out in your subscription boxes or on Twitter for that. But in the meantime, I give myself the promise of striving for at least a little bit more in 2016 – who knows what it may bring!

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