Three Years And Counting

I know it’s a pretty cliche thing to say but I genuinely can’t quite believe that I have been at this blogging malarkey for three years now – we all know that I’m nearing 17 in the coming weeks, so this means I was only 13 years old when I started out at this, which I think is absolutely mad! I’d started YouTube before then though with a YouTube channel called ShaunyInWonderland. I posted three videos that I only had the intentions of sharing with friends (I remember very notably that one of them was filmed in my Grandma’s downstairs loo using my laptop’s webcam… I fail to remember quite why!) After a short while, I decided I didn’t like that any more and I deleted it before I got the bug and, with inspiration from Zoella and other megabloggers-that-once-were-not, I started up my own blog and YouTube channel. According to my first blog post I ever wrote, my blogging days actually began on January 16th, but my first YouTube video on my ‘old’ channel (more about that in a moment) was actually uploaded on January 21st… much discrepancy in how old my blogging world really is, but at least I know that it’s three this week!
As I said, I started my blogging world for real in January 2013 and decided to name my little universe ‘Shaunyland’, which we all know is a name that stuck until literally the end of last week as a way of celebrating our third birthday. The reason I chose Shaunyland was purely because ShaunyInWonderland was no longer available so I decided to shorten it instead and it stuck. I happily blogged continuously for a solid year and a half almost every week and was uploading YouTube videos like there was no tomorrow: I was having great fun and it was so nice to have a project to always be working on and be sharing with people. Probably my number one highlight from my first year of blogging was when I did ‘The Ma Sisters Series’ with my friends: we used to be in a friendship group that we somehow named ‘Ma Sisters’ (where that 12-year-old joke came from I don’t know) and every single Wednesday throughout the summer holidays, I posted a different YouTube video with a different one of my friends; you can see all of the video thumbnails in the top right hand corner of this post’s picture. It was just so nice to involve my friends in something that I loved doing and, though the videos are now super cringey, they were great fun as well.
After a year and a half of blogging like a maniac, I had an awakening: I was branding myself as a sort of beauty blogger and that was it and considering beauty was very new to me when I started my blog, I panicked and deleted everything. I lost hundreds of followers and thousands of YouTube video views overnight and spent six weeks twiddling my thumbs. It got to me too much after a while and if it wasn’t for that moment of sudden despair, I don’t think I’d be here today; it was that six weeks of waiting that made me realise how much blogging meant to me. I got back on my computer, recovered this blog which you are reading this on today and set up a new ‘Shaunyland’ YouTube channel. From there, you know the story because it’s all still here and up and running (despite the fact it’s now my name instead of ‘Shaunyland’) – I’ve been blogging about anything and everything I want to, my dreams came true in New York and I even relaunched the Makeup Shakeup series, as well as starting #Shaunymas!
When I restarted my blogs in 2014, I also set up a seperate theatre blog for myself called Shaun’s Musical Musings which I only intended on ever using to write reviews of shows that I went to see instead of putting them on Shaunyland. Luckily for me, the idea caught on and I’m now lucky enough to be a very regular blogger and vlogger for the theatre company LondonTheatreDirect, as well as being an established standalone theatre blogger myself. I’m lucky enough to go to events and shows complementary and it really is a dream come true for a theatre fan like me and without blogging, it really wouldn’t be possible.
I’ve also been very lucky to have made some amazing chums along the way like Emma and Zoe and Rebecca, and even my wonderful friend Em who despite the fact I didn’t meet over the interweb, I do think is very likely that I wouldn’t be as good a friend with her now if it wasn’t for blogging and our shared mutual interests. Blogging has also opened me up to wonderful frequent readers and Tweeters that I wouldn’t have ever had had the chance to speak to had it not been for blogging, and I have an internet following that actually gives a sh*t about my opinions and what I have to say whenever I decide to share it – it’s wonderful!
I really am truly and deeply thankful for every single view, hit, share, like, tweet or whatever you decide to do to interact with me – it’s that kind of appreciation for me doing something I love that I live for. It’s been an amazing journey these past three years in the world of blogging and I seriously do look forward to the years that are yet to come.

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