The January Roundup

I was worried that having a pretty quiet start to 2016 would make me dislike it; on the contrary, I actually enjoyed having a relaxing month a lot! It’s quite unlike me to have had two weeks to myself entirely where all I’ve been doing other than school is watching a load of Big Brother and considering I know for a fact I have a very busy four or five months ahead of me when it comes to theatre and other plans, it’s been nice to have even more quiet time. It’s almost as though my break that began at the start of December has run through into the end of January, which has been a pleasant surprise and has made easing into a slightly altered routine enjoyable.
Despite the fact that January was generally quite a quiet month, I got to see a couple of shows over the space of the second week of the month. I started by seeing a cinema screening of the Kenneth Branagh Season’s first play The Winter’s Tale with my friends Em and Chaya – Chaya and I are seeing the full set of his Plays at the Garrick season and considering TWT sold out so quickly, it was nice to be able to see it in a different medium. The next day, I took my older sister to see Bend It Like Beckham at the Phoenix Theatre: I love this show so much and I’m so sad to see it go in March, but it was just as enjoyable the second time around and I’m sure it will be even more enjoyable come my third and final trip on closing night. Finally, a week after that, Chaya and I went to see the second play in the Plays at the Garrick season: Harlequinade/All On Her Own. It was actually fantastic and Harlequinade especially might be one of my favourite comedy pieces I have seen on stage in a long time – it was just a lovely evening of great theatre.
Outside of the world of theatre, I updated my blog layout on both this blog and on Shaun’s Musical Musings as well as rebranding: ‘Shaunyland’ is no more and ‘Shaun Nolan’ is where it’s at! I’m absolutely in love with the new designs I’ve been working so hard on and it’s made me feel even more motivated to blog more frequently. As a result of this, January 2016 has been the month I have posted the most on SMM in history and the most I have posted in a month on this blog since March 2014! It’s been so much fun and it’s so nice to be back at it. 
This month also saw a few tragedies in my family. My Great Uncle passed a few weeks back which has meant that my Grandma, who I normally see extremely regularly, has been very busy and morale on that side of the family has just generally felt rather heavy-hearted. We’ve also had upset in the household as well with our youngest cat Casper being hit by a car a few weeks back, meaning that his leg has had to be amputated. I spoke more about it in a blog post the other day and it’s still going the same way really: his stitches have now been taking out,  but he still needs to wait around in a cage for them to heal. It’s becoming tiresome just for us to tend to him in the best way we can so we can’t imagine what it’s like for him! We just have to hope that we’re doing the right thing and it passes over soon.
Other than that, I’ve just done a lot of relaxing if I’m honest with you. I popped over to Em’s house a couple of times this month and had some proper LOLs with Em and her sister Megan as well as indulging in my new favourite thing ever thanks to those two: Mary Portas Secret Shopper! Let’s just hope that I don’t get so obsessed with finding old episodes of that and Queen of Shops online that I get distracted from my busy month ahead because trust me: February is not one to miss.

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