The Beauty Bag with MammafulZo

It’s the 8th of the month which means that it’s time for another Beauty Bag post! This month, blogger and ex-vlogger MammafulZo is talking about the makeup that she’s currently wearing on a day to day basis when she’s running errands with her wonderful family and friends (Zoë’s daughter Lissy also has a blog which you can find here, and her daughter Nicole – who is a makeup artist – has a YouTube channel, too).

“I always use the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating primer because I have very dry and dehydrated skin and this is a lifesaver; anyone who struggles with their foundation flaking etc. needs this in their life! Next up, I cover those pesky dark circles (and believe me mine are dark – I look like I’ve been attacked with a black sharpie!) I use the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque and apply it with my ring finger then blend it in using a Micro Mini Beauty Blender. Again, both of these products are amazing; I never thought I needed a Micro Mini Beauty Blender until I used one and now I couldn’t imagine not using it – it’s great for concealer and corrector or around the nose. Next, I apply my under eye concealer and my HG is the MAC Select Moisture Cover: I’ve used it for years and although I’ve tried others, nothing compares to the Select Moisture Cover for the more, shall we say, mature people, or those with fine lines from dehydration (which I like to pretend mine are ;)) It’s fabulous and doesn’t settle in any lines or dry patches, and again I use the Micro Mini BB for that. At the moment, my skin is awful and I have lots of breakouts so to cover these, I use the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I have to say if you’re someone who doesn’t have fine lines, this would be the perfect concealer for everywhere, but I can’t use it under my eyes. It is amazing for blemishes though and lasts forever – it has a snazzy pump applicator, too! Now onto foundation and I’ve recently been using the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation. It’s a light to medium coverage but if I want more coverage, I add some of the Pro Longwear concealer to it: I buff that in with my beauty blender – again complete life changer right there, love it! I set my foundation with the Makeup Forever HD Translucent Loose Powder which is a sample size my friend gave to me, again great product.

Next I apply my eyeshadow and I have recently been using the Too Faced Boudoir palette. It’s stunning and has the right mix of shimmer and matte shadows and is a really lovely palette. Once I have applied my eyeshadow, it’s brow time and I use the Anastasia Beverley Hills DipBrow Pomade in Blonde and an angled brush. I never used to fill my brows in and then once I started to and realised it makes a huge difference, I was hooked. I’ve used pencils and eyeshadow but I’m loving the DipBrow and it doesn’t move; you don’t lose half a brow throughout the day. My favourite mascara at the moment is the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite mascara – it’s fabulous and so many people ask me if I’m wearing false lashes when in actual fact, my lashes are pathetic so it must be good! 

For blush I’ve been loving the Too Faced Love Flush blush in Love Hangover, a gorgeous peach/coral shade and to finish my face I’ve been loving theBalm Mary Lou Manizer highlight. I was never a huge highlight fan until I tried this, but it is stunning. To finish it all off, I’ve been using the NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Antwerp – a lovely coral/pink shade.”

Thanks for sharing, Mamma! You can find Zoë on her blog as well as over on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also find Zoë on YouTube and even though she isn’t active on there anymore, there’s a world of videos on there for you to enjoy – I’ll see you next month for another Beauty Bag! And if you can’t wait until then, you can read the series so far here.

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