Being Inspired By Others

To me – a creative person – being inspired is the key to success and happiness in what I set out to do. Without inspiration, I lack an end product that I should be aiming for and without that, I’m lacking drive and motivation, which has a knock-on affect on my success. I’m inspired by many things and people, but it seems to be that three people (nay, women) in particular always seem to be my inspiration on more occassions than others; three totally different women no doubt, but three very similar women at the same time.

Two-time Tony Award-winning actress Sutton Foster is inspiration in many more ways than one. Not only is her very successful Broadway career a reason for her to be held with such high regard in my mind, but her personal attitude towards life is a jewel in her crown as well. In fact, her Broadway career is so successful that she has been at least Tony-nominated for every single leading role she has ever originated on Broadway, a feat that not many with as big of a career as she can boast about (she won her Tonys for Thoroughly Modern Millie in 2002 and Anything Goes in 2011). Not only is her award-winning history impressive though, but her ability to choose roles that stretch her at the same time as reflecting her so well is admirable. For example, Princess Fiona from Shrek The Musical different massively to Violet from Violet, but her performances in both were stellar and both were deeply intertwined into her personality (and both were Tony-nominated). She’s also very active when it comes to her hobbies outside of the world of her career – which includes artwork and travelling – and its wonderful to see someone successfully make time for enjoying everything they do, despite their very busy schedule.

If you’re talking about award-winning actresses though, then Audra McDonald really is your woman. Of course, her Tony Award-winning history comes to mind when you think of the name: she is the only actor in history to have taken home as many as six competitive Tonys for acting and is also the only actor in history to be able to say that she has won a Tony in every acting category she could possibly win in. I also find this incredibly inspiring because she is a woman of colour; the show business is still ignorant when it comes to both women and actors of colour (look at the Oscar’s this year for God’s sake!), so it inspires me to see someone who had these “odds against her” and still manage to be so incredibly successful – it’s moving. This of course isn’t the only reason why she is so inspiring: I think her dedication to her craft is something that is incredibly telling of her character as well. She’s doing a new Broadway musical next Spring and is then taking a three month leave of absence – to perform her one-woman show Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill in London. Amazing dedication.

Last but not least is a woman we all know I have admired for a very, very long time as well: Ms Lea Michele. After she made her star turn on Glee back in 2009 when I first identified with this woman and the character she played on the show, I’ve fallen in love with everything she manages to do. In my eyes, she is a woman with such grace and perfection in what she does; she really likes everything she does to be wonderful and just right. She is also another woman with incredible talent that manages to hone it into doing whatever she wants to do, be it release an album, be on Broadway or write a book – it’s nice to see someone with many talents be able to juggle them and not look indecisive about it. No matter what way I look at it, Lea Michele will always be an incredible role model and inspiration for anyone – not just myself – and it’s great to see her continue to grow as an actress now that Glee has ended its run.

Who inspires you? Tweet me @shaunycat to let me know!

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