A Love Letter to Saigon

I love Miss Saigon and I have always been very vocal about it: I’ve already seen the show several times and am delighted to be seeing the final show tonight, but it’s a day like today – when an iconic and favourite show closes its doors – that a rift is left in the face of the West End. One of the West End’s heavyweights is about to leave Theatreland and it’s leaving a little helicopter silhouette-shaped hole in my heart.
It’s the magic of Miss Saigon that seems to have captured so many hearts: it’s one of the only major stage Musicals that ends with a properly tragic ending and a cliffhanger and it’s the drama of it that makes it so unique. Matched with the gorgeous score by Boublil and Schoenberg, the raw material itself is a winner before you’ve even put it on the stage and it’s that which I originally fell in love with. With a version of the original cast album on cassette tape in hand, I fell in love with every inch of the score at a young age. Fast forward several years and when news broke of a 2014 25th Anniversary revival coming in the West End, I was ecstatic. I saw the show, my love for the show was confirmed and have basked in the glory of having this amazing musical at my fingertips ever since. It’s a revival packed with an incredible cast, incredible staging and true beauty overall: it’s musical theatre at its finest. Be it the opening notes at the top of the show, the recurring theme in The American Dream, or a song played on a solo saxophone: you’re iconic and gorgeous and not many other shows can claim to be those things.
Thank you Miss Saigon for being such a fantastic piece of work and for gracing the West End once more. You are a true spectacle of beauty through and through and it breaks my heart to be saying goodbye. Best of luck around the country next summer and on Broadway next March – “one more kiss, and then we say goodbye…”

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