Walk Around London With Me!

It’s true! I’ve teamed up with walking tour company VoiceMap to create my very own walking tour of London called Light The Lights: How Culture Defines London and to show you that you too can make a walking tour for yourself.

shaun lights tour
On the tour, I’ll be taking you on a walk all through Central London and taking looks at the architecture, theatre, people and facilities that make London one of the best cities in the World. Some of my favourite stops on the tour include my favourite West End theatre Wyndham’s Theatre, the real street in London that inspired Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies and the heavy history of sex and law that surrounds Covent Garden – it’s going to be a trip to remember!

VoiceMap is an app that offers listeners GPS-guided tours around some of the World’s biggest cities. All you have to do is download your chosen tour over WiFi, then head to the starting point which is given on your chosen tour’s information page. From there, press play and you’ll be guided through London by the disembodied voice of Yours Truly! There’s no need to keep your phone in your hand, either – just pop it in your pocket, and I’ll make sure to direct you perfectly through the entire walking tour in the safest way possible.

The tour will be available on the VoiceMap app for £2.99 in the coming weeks – I’ll let you know in the days ahead of an exact release date when it’s been finalised. And if you fancy walking the tour in a big group led by me, then keep your eyes on my Twitter and Instagram pages as well…

As always, thank you for your support as a readership and as my friends. Without your support, things like this wouldn’t be a possibility.

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