Busy, Busy: Looking Back at July 2016

It goes without saying that July was an extremely busy month for me. From walking tour launches to my sister getting her “driving license”, it’s been a month full of working hard on projects and having fun with friends and family at the same time. Like I did last month, I thought it would be nice to take a look back on all of the good stuff that happened last month through the medium of Instagram posts…

As you can see from the picture above, last month saw the launch of my London audio walking tour Light The Lights: How Culture Defines London in collaboration with VoiceMap. You can download the walking tour for yourself here and after a few months of working on the project, it was fantastic to get the chance to release it into the world for people to use and try out. A few friends and bloggers came along on the launch walk with me, including Rukaya Cesar who vlogged the day so be sure to check that out. A few of the other bloggers on the walk will share their experiences in blog posts in the near future, too. Also be sure to keep an eye out for a blog post filled with pictures from the day and an exciting couple of YouTube videos as well. It was so nice to get to meet up with my friends like Ellie Mae from LittleEllieMae and Rukaya who I’d never had the chance to meet up with and chat to before – that was definitely the highlight of the month!
Rukaya Cesar and myself on the Light The Lights launch walk (Saturday July 23rd)
A week or so beforehand, I got to take my sister to Legoland Windsor for the day with my family. It was the first time my sister had ever been to the theme park and – considering it was my favourite place to go as a child – I was just as excited to take her for her first experience as I was to experience it again for myself. It was a long and fun day filled with loads of laughs and fun rides, but nothing was as exciting for Ellie-Mai (or as fun for me) as when she went to get her driving licence at the Lego Fiat Driving School. Let’s just say that she ran around the track for a while trying to find a car, all before she made a massive traffic jam and caused a commotion when she crashed the car… it was hilarious to say the least!
Ellie-Mai, just moments before she crashed into the pavement beside her and caused a polava…
I haven’t been in a show since just before last Christmas, so it was great fun to take to the stage again at the end of this month in a local production of The Little Mermaid. The show took place at a local community theatre and was this year’s “kids show”. It goes without saying that I am not a kid, but it was so rewarding to get to play King Triton in the show and watch these other young people enjoy the experience so much. For many, it was their first time performing in a proper theatre to a proper, paying audience and to see their excitement and passion was priceless. It reminded me of my first time doing a show there and of being even younger than that and finding a love for the theatre – it really was a magical time both on stage and off.
My friend Katie Williams and I as Ursula and King Triton respectively in The Little Mermaid
July really has been a month full of busy and fun activities and projects and it’s most definitely not going to slow down in August. I have yet another project to announce in the coming weeks that is probably the biggest task I have taken on yet, as well as many different theatre trips (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child anyone!?) and a holiday up to Edinburgh. Once again, I’m able to look back at last month and look forward to the next with excitement and there’s nothing quite as awesome as that.
If you want to follow me on Instagram to keep constantly updated on what I’m doing, you can drop me a follow over at @shaunynolan. If Twitter is more your garb, try @shaunycat.

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