Shaun’s Summer Stranka

I really love hosting a good, well-themed and well thought out party and this past Friday marked my summer party ‘Shaun’s Summer Stranka’. For those wondering and who didn’t Google the word “stranka” the moment you read it, it means “party” in Croatian and made for a good third word in my alliterated party title. While I was running around on the day though, I was lucky enough to have my friend Em running around helping me and taking snaps to remember the day.

My friend Abbie was also kind enough to help out with the photo booth I set up at the end of the garden in my sister’s pink out-house by lending me her camera for the day!
And of course I snapped my own pictures on my iPhone as well, just to capture the day from my perspective and to utilise the Snapchat Geofilter I had for the party! The girl next to the board in the middle picture is Meg who not only helped me out with a load of the food and design, but was also the very talented hand behind the writing on all the blackboards! You can follow Meg on Instagram.



If you want to see more from Em and her photography and other work then try her personal blog or theatre blog as well as YouTubeTwitter and Instagram as well as another post using her pictures. You can also check out a new vlog from the party, edited and filmed entirely by Em just for me, on my YouTube channel at 8pm tonight.


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