Non-Stop: Looking Back on August 2016

At the start of this Summer, I made a point of saying that I would make sure I didn’t waste a single day of the time I had and I can most definitely look back and say that I did just that. This Summer, I’ve been driven the entire length of the country and back again, I started work on my new podcast coming to iTunes next month and I held my big summer party amongst other things… it’s been mad.

The picture above was taken by my friend Abbie when we stopped over in Cumbria for a night with her family before heading to Edinburgh the next day. Not only was it lovely to get to see Abbie’s family in their neck of the woods as opposed to down South, but it was just as wonderful to get to see the gorgeous Northern scenery as well. Yes, there’s a lot of water and it really is very wet, but it’s worth stomaching for the beautiful views and the landscape. If anything, I’m dying even more to go back and see the sights in The Lake District than I am in Edinburgh! 

Talking of Edinburgh, Abbie and I started August by heading off to our first ever Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a few of the best days I’ve had in a very long time. It was so much fun to cram 12 fantastic shows into just three days, even if the running from venue to venue did get tiring after a while. If you’re interested in my show reviews from my time in Edinburgh, you can read them over on Shaun’s Musical Musings. The theatre wasn’t the only lovely part of Edinburgh, though. As you can see from the picture above, the views were stunning as well. There’s something about Edinburgh that reminds me so much of Windsor: it’s very intimate and slow, but it still manages to have this energy, almost like a family of people surrounding you. In a weird way, it felt like home, as you might be able to tell from my vlogs of the trip that I posted earlier this month, or from the pictures that Abbie took.

The next few weeks after Edinburgh featured a lot of secretive recording for my upcoming podcast series on iTunes, but I did manage to sneak in a family day trip to Brighton. I took the snap of Ellie-Mai above when we were just about to head into the arcade on the pier in the early evening, but we’d spent a lovely day before that strolling along the beach before I took some time to have a mooch around the Lanes and the shopping district. I love Brighton a lot and I’d happily go there much more frequently, but it was very special to get to take Ellie-Mai along this time and share the fun with her. If you want to see what we got up to that day, check out the vlog right here.

Later on that week, it was time for my hotly anticipated summer party for me and my friends. I originally had the idea of having a lavish picnic for my 17th birthday earlier this year, but my birthday is in March and the cold weather put a dampener on that so I arranged for it to happen in August instead. Of course, sod’s law made it rain on the day anyway, but that really didn’t stop the fun. I love the process and planning things, so pulling the party together was even more fun for me than getting to enjoy it in the odd free moments I got in the day. If you want to see what it turned out like, you can check out the vlog that my friend Em made for me, or look at the pictures she took on the day, too. Oh, and I even had a Snapchat filter made for the day as well – how cool is that!?
My and my friend Tiana having fun in the photo booth that I put together!
While I’ve spent a lot of this month being busy on upcoming projects that are in the pipeline, I’ve had a wonderful time with friends and family celebrating the fun we have together and I’m already looking forward to next month to get to do even more of just that. Speaking of next month, I’ve decided to pull together a 25 song playlist for going into next month filled with music that I listened to the most from the previous month… does that make sense? You can either listen to the playlist down below, listen to it on my blog’s sidebar on the right, listen to it right here, or find me on Spotify under the username shaunycat and listen to it there. Let me know what you think! Oh, and it’s totally without show tunes… now you’ll know what my normal music taste is like!
All of the pictures in this post come from Instagram. If you don’t already, follow me: shaunynolan.


Even Casper looked like he had fun at my Summer Stranka!


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