Party Time! Looking Back on September & October 2016

Going to back to school takes away a lot of time that I once had to do things in summer (obviously) and as a result, I really didn’t feel like I’d done enough stuff in September alone to warrant an entire reflective blog post on the month. Other than putting Opening Doors out into the world and going back to school, there wasn’t really a whole lot of stuff that I felt was worthy of sharing.

Instead, I decided to put both September and October together in one blog post so I had enough to talk about. One of the first things that happened in September was Em Jenkins from Oh My Musicals‘s birthday. I love birthdays and it was lovely to have a garden party with Em and a lot of our mutual friends to celebrate the past year she’s had. The Jenkins Family are the Royal Family when it comes to aesthetically pleasing design so Em’s party of course featured beautifully prepared food and decorations as well as a night time gazebo in the garden!

A few weeks later, Em and I headed down into London to attend the 10th Anniversary Performance of Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. I’ve loved Wicked for almost 10 years myself so getting to be in an audience filled with like minded fans was a fantastic feeling. There is always such a buzz in the atmosphere at performances like that anyway and the performances by the actors radiate to match. I wrote all about the performance we attended over on Shaun’s Musical Musings so be sure to take a look if you’re interested. The same goes for my opinion on the Phantom of the Opera 30th Anniversary Performance that I also attended this month. The picture below though is of me sat in the seat I sat in the first time I saw Wicked many years ago now: a fitting picture to take at that performance as Rachel Tucker – who is back as Elphaba – was the first Elphaba I ever saw!

Come to think of it, I feel like I’ve spent the past two months just celebrating different achievements and birthdays as there have been so many celebratory parties. Two of my friends called Megan (one a Megan, the other a Meghan) also celebrated their birthdays in the past two months. The first being my friend Meghan who you might have heard in the Are We Our Bodies? episode of my podcast a month ago and that’s where the picture below of myself and Abbie – who you all know by now – was taken. I’m someone who takes great pride in my friends and how fantastic they are so I love coming together with them to celebrate each other. The other Megan is Em’s sister Meg who celebrated with another Jenkins-chic style party in October. Em made an awesome Pinterest inspired cake while Meg returned to her ever-perfect job of doing some calligraphy skills – another wonderful evening had by all!
I don’t know why this looks like Abbie and I are doing a meet and greet… but I kind of like it.

The biggest celebration of the month though has to be Halloween! I know some people aren’t a big fan, but I absolutely love getting dressed up and having a good party with my closest friends, be it scary or not. This year was Abbie’s fifth and final Halloween party that she famously holds every year which was bitter sweet of course. Regardless, we all enjoyed ourselves greatly despite our crazy costume dilemma… I would explain that to you now, but you can go over to iTunes and listen to my Halloween Memories podcast episode with Ellie Mae to find out all about it.

I assume the celebrations aren’t going to stop with Christmas coming up as well as many more friends having birthdays, but I have some more normal stuff to be looking forward to as well. Next month will see the end of the first series of Opening Doors which will be sad, but it will also see the start of my next creative venture as well. We also have Christmas to be looking forward to (?!) so I really don’t see myself stopping from being so excited any time soon.

Just like last time, you can find this month’s playlist of my favourite songs of the moment over on my Spotify account. You can either listen to the playlist down below, listen to it on my blog’s sidebar on the right, listen to it right here, or find me on Spotify under the username shaunycat and listen to it there. I’ve decided to add some more show tunes in this month as it was a bit silly of me to leave them out last time – drop me a follow while you’re over there!

Shining bright like a diamond under the theatre lights (and camera flash!) in early September


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