The Beauty Bag with RougePout

My favourite blog posts to create are these ones and it always makes me so happy to have a guest on who is a blogging buddy and a friendly face that I know and love. Today, Rebecca from Rouge Pout is here to talk about what she likes to put on her face in the morning and I’m delighted about it. From her signature lips to her always glowing skin, she is always a beauty…
“My name is Rebecca and I am a makeup hoarder, please don’t mention skin care as this could be the longest post ever written. My beauty obsession has seen me from my teens to my mid forties, where only the tone of my red lipstick has changed but my love for red never wavers. I am known for my red lipstick, I have many, blue reds, satin finish, matte, gloss, oil, balm, butter and the list continues. I worked for Yves Saint Laurent for many years as a makeup artist and my shop floor nickname was ‘lips’. But there is so much more I love about makeup and here’s a selection I reach for frequently.
I tend to wear different makeup each day, although I do have no makeup days. I adore luminous foundations, glow giving and even though I have a combination/oily skin, I prefer the finish to matte. Collection Love created this marvellous Illuminating foundation which for me is better than many high end offerings. It has a lovely build-able coverage, gorgeous glow when on the skin and lasts beautifully. Sephora #55Pro Foundation Brush, is one of the best, flexible, soft and superb with all foundation textures. This can be used to sweep, press and stipple foundation onto the face. Urban DecayNaked Concealer helps me to hide my hereditary dark circles, it’s smooth without being too thick, it doesn’t crease or move and gives a luminosity to the undereye, one of my all time favourites.
Fairydrops Mascara is for the grown ups, it’s a serious product packed wand. This is perfect if you have long lashes and like length, curl and volume to the lashes. A very creamy consistency that holds the lashes in place, I don’t need to use eyelash curlers with this mascara, it does all the work. They also do a waterproof version but I prefer the non-version. Clinique Gel Liner is one of my all time favourite products, I have lost count how many of these I have bought throughout the years, superb consistency that enables you to create every eyeliner shape possible. The strong pigment gives a true black, long lasting finish, I have never found an eyeliner that comes near to the quality of this.
The Balm Company’s Frat Boy is one of those blushers that just ‘works’ a gorgeous warm pink/coral shade, although powder it has such a smooth application finish it feels almost like a cream product. This is the blusher I reach for when I’m travelling or out for the day, it goes everywhere with me. Tarte and the Tartelette palette, it’s the only palette I own that is solely matte shadows. Again the quality of the product is why this is a must for me. Matte shadows can be quite unforgiving, they drag on application, they can look patchy and often drop more product on the cheek than on the eyelid. Tarte have some of the smoothest shadows and the colours give the option of a subtle everyday look to full on evening glamour. Gorgeous product and packaging, the large mirror in the lid is handy also.
Finally ‘the red liptsick’ which to pick, oh the choice! Rimmel created one of my most worn blue reds, lovely moisturising texture, strong pigmented colour and it can withstand the drinking of a cup of coffee without showing any signs of wear. I will often reach for this because its such a reliable red. The makeup bag is one that makes me smile, from GlossyBox – it’s so cute.
Thank you Shaun for inviting me to intrude on your blog, it’s been fun”
You can find Rebecca on her blog, her YouTube channel and on Twitter.

The Beauty Bag with MammafulZo

It’s the 8th of the month which means that it’s time for another Beauty Bag post! This month, blogger and ex-vlogger MammafulZo is talking about the makeup that she’s currently wearing on a day to day basis when she’s running errands with her wonderful family and friends (Zoë’s daughter Lissy also has a blog which you can find here, and her daughter Nicole – who is a makeup artist – has a YouTube channel, too).

“I always use the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating primer because I have very dry and dehydrated skin and this is a lifesaver; anyone who struggles with their foundation flaking etc. needs this in their life! Next up, I cover those pesky dark circles (and believe me mine are dark – I look like I’ve been attacked with a black sharpie!) I use the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque and apply it with my ring finger then blend it in using a Micro Mini Beauty Blender. Again, both of these products are amazing; I never thought I needed a Micro Mini Beauty Blender until I used one and now I couldn’t imagine not using it – it’s great for concealer and corrector or around the nose. Next, I apply my under eye concealer and my HG is the MAC Select Moisture Cover: I’ve used it for years and although I’ve tried others, nothing compares to the Select Moisture Cover for the more, shall we say, mature people, or those with fine lines from dehydration (which I like to pretend mine are ;)) It’s fabulous and doesn’t settle in any lines or dry patches, and again I use the Micro Mini BB for that. At the moment, my skin is awful and I have lots of breakouts so to cover these, I use the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I have to say if you’re someone who doesn’t have fine lines, this would be the perfect concealer for everywhere, but I can’t use it under my eyes. It is amazing for blemishes though and lasts forever – it has a snazzy pump applicator, too! Now onto foundation and I’ve recently been using the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation. It’s a light to medium coverage but if I want more coverage, I add some of the Pro Longwear concealer to it: I buff that in with my beauty blender – again complete life changer right there, love it! I set my foundation with the Makeup Forever HD Translucent Loose Powder which is a sample size my friend gave to me, again great product.

Next I apply my eyeshadow and I have recently been using the Too Faced Boudoir palette. It’s stunning and has the right mix of shimmer and matte shadows and is a really lovely palette. Once I have applied my eyeshadow, it’s brow time and I use the Anastasia Beverley Hills DipBrow Pomade in Blonde and an angled brush. I never used to fill my brows in and then once I started to and realised it makes a huge difference, I was hooked. I’ve used pencils and eyeshadow but I’m loving the DipBrow and it doesn’t move; you don’t lose half a brow throughout the day. My favourite mascara at the moment is the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite mascara – it’s fabulous and so many people ask me if I’m wearing false lashes when in actual fact, my lashes are pathetic so it must be good! 

For blush I’ve been loving the Too Faced Love Flush blush in Love Hangover, a gorgeous peach/coral shade and to finish my face I’ve been loving theBalm Mary Lou Manizer highlight. I was never a huge highlight fan until I tried this, but it is stunning. To finish it all off, I’ve been using the NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Antwerp – a lovely coral/pink shade.”

Thanks for sharing, Mamma! You can find Zoë on her blog as well as over on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also find Zoë on YouTube and even though she isn’t active on there anymore, there’s a world of videos on there for you to enjoy – I’ll see you next month for another Beauty Bag! And if you can’t wait until then, you can read the series so far here.

The New Love: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Walk of Shame

I still don’t really know why but until a couple of weeks ago, I had never invested in Charlotte Tilbury products despite the fact that I’d been lusting after so many of them for such a long amount of time. To remedy this (quite frankly) blasphemous act, I marched right towards the counter in Selfridge’s at this start of this year and started my collection by picking up the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Walk of Shame.

There was once a time when I wouldn’t go anywhere near a red lip, and nor would I ever consider a matte lip – their notoriety at the time for being anything but flattering once terrified me. Fast forward three years in my makeup endeavors and I’m in love with both. Red lips are something I’ve come to embrace and depending on the shade of red, I’ve come to realise how flattering the colour can be on me if I wear it correctly (even if I do say so myself!) As for matte lips, that’s also a trend I’ve come to love; it really makes a lip colour look classy if it’s matte and the lasting power is fantastic. Charlotte Tilbury’s dabble in the world of matte lips is different to others though – instead of being immediately bold and thick upon application, it applies like a balm and then settles to a matte texture. It takes a couple of coats to get the desired effect and though some people have viewed this negatively, I beg to differ. On the contrary, I actually think this is a fantastic quality for a bolder lip colour to possess. It makes applying the lip colour evenly much easier as well as making sure you apply a thick layer so that it sticks around for longer.

I won’t lie to you though: I do tend to find this pretty drying. Due to the product’s balm-like application process, it’s also near impossible to apply it over a lip balm (trust me, I tried it with the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm). The dryness of the product is bearable though and when the lip colour comes out with the pigment it does in the GIF above (obviously the shot with red lips is me wearing the lip colour and the other picture are my natural lips), it really is worth it. The blue undertones to the colour really flatter my teeth and make them stand out as so much more white than they really are and against my skin tone, it’s nice to find a colour that manages to be bold without clashing with my skin tone. It’s a nice change.

For £23 a bullet, is it worth it? Meh, I guess so, but I wouldn’t really go stretching for it if you don’t have the money with ease. The packaging is stunning and the product is great, but I think you’re much better off spending your money on something similar from somewhere like MAC for a much more affordable price tag.

The Beauty Bag with OhMyMusicals

Way back when in early 2014, I started a series known as The Beauty Bag where I planned to take people I knew, empty their makeup bags and get them to talk about it for the blog every 8th of the month. After only interviewing my friend Abbie and my sister Victoria (and myself a few months earlier, which was the original inspiration), the series seemed to just stop and never continue… but it’s back! And it’s even back on the same day of the month! To kick the year off, my buddy Em Jenkins from Oh My Musicals let me take some snaps of her and empty out her makeup bag for you all to see how she gets ready in the morning. Take it away, Em…

“To start off with, I use the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer – I only started using this quite recently, but I’m absolutely loving it! As someone with a LOT of freckles, I tend to prefer foundation with pretty low coverage (to avoid looking like a total ghost!) At the moment I’m using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in #51 Light Vanilla, which I apply with the Real Techniques foundation brush. Next I use the Revlon Colourstay concealer (in #02 light pale) under my eyes ad on the tiny scar below my lip, and blend it in with a Real Techniques concealer brush. This has a lot more coverage than the foundation I just mentioned, so I don’t use much at all! Over the top of those I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, which I apply with the Real Techniques powder brush (are we sensing a Real Techniques theme here?)

 I’m one of the most rosy cheeked people I know, so I haven’t owned or worn blusher in about 4 years! I’ve also never ventured into the land of bronzer or contouring – maybe that’s my 2016 makeup adventure sorted! As for eyes, I’m currently loving the Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow palette in #06 Upside Brown, although I don’t often use the MEGA glittery section in the centre! Yet again, I apply this with a Real Techniques Shading Brush. 
My eyelashes are mainly blonde, so I like to use the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, to make it look like I actually have eyes! I honestly have the worst eyebrows in human history, so I very rarely go anywhere near them (although when I was younger they were blonde, so thank goodness I grew out of that!) Despite my pale skin, I am a huge lover of dark lips, especially in winter, so right now you’ll find me wearing either the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in #325 Toast of New York, or MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Craving. I like to pair the latter with the MAC Pro Longer Lip Pencil in Dark Out, which I apply quite strongly and then blend out slightly.”

Woohoo – thanks Em! See you all again in a month for another episode in the series!

The New Fave: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I always want to feel safe in my foundation choices so as soon as my current favourite foundation runs out, I always feel obliged to buy the same one again, but recently I’ve been trying my utmost to try out new foundations to me and to see how they work with me. After a bottle of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum ran out on me, I decided to give the foundation equivalent a go; I’d tried the serum foundation when the hype surrounded it and have since heard that the foundation is the better of the two and I totally agree.

The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is not only a much more medium coverage finish (and note that the Bourjois concession now tells you if a foundation of theirs is low, medium or high coverage) but the general finish on the skin is much more radiant than I ever found the serum foundation to be. In comparison between the two, I’d almost go as far as to say that the serum foundation is much more like a BB cream finish whereas the foundation is a foundation in its truest form. The serum tends to avoid covering blemishes well and a lot of concealer is required to make your skin look better. This foundation does almost the opposite: it covers so much so that you only need a tiny amount of concealer and you end with a slightly better finish than you would do with the serum.

The two pictures of me above (which are Instagram pictures before they were edited on Instagram) show me wearing the foundation and I think it’s pretty clear that the finish of the foundation is smooth and radiant – I haven’t felt this confident about my foundation-covered skin in a long time. I feel like my skin looks happy when I’m wearing it and that any imperfections are hidden with great success. The colour match is also a pretty nice one too and the range is a fair one, but it in no way rivals the range of Revlon which is pretty disappointing.

Nonetheless, I feel like this foundation is a staple that everyone needs in their makeup bags. If you haven’t tried this already, I urge you to do so if you’re a fan of more medium coverage foundations. I feel like I’m obliterating all of the little sins on my face and I’m not caking my face in it to do so: it’s a great feeling.

Not So Eye-Catching: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara

When trying to choose a new mascara, I’m in the market for three things: great lengthening qualities because I find long lashes so desirable, fantastic separation because they are in no way as impressive when they’re all clumped together, and extreme volume because nothing looks weirder than having spiders’ legs for eyelashes. I’ve only ever really managed to find this in the MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara which I adore so much but even then, I’d need the help of another mascara or two to get me through. The YSL Baby Doll mascara also came very close too, but unfortunately fell short. Today is another one of those products: one that very nearly is exactly what I want and fits into the job description of being a triple-threat perfectly, but unfortunately has one or two small flaws that make it miss the mark by a touch.

The Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara does half of the things in my job description with great success. Separating is what this wand does perfectly and my lashes always look evenly spread across my eyelids after using it, so much so that I’ll use this whenever I use False Lash Effect to give the separated look. It only does half of another job which is to lengthen my lashes. In a sense, my lashes do technically look a bit longer after application, but no more than any cheaper mascara would do for me. There is no great lengthening quality behind this stuff unless you really work at it and apply about five coats of the stuff. Even after that, I had to use a bit of False Lash Effect (for the look in the picture) to make my eyelashes look somewhat more visible than they would be without mascara; volume is something that this little green tube really does struggle to produce.

All in all, I don’t really have much more to say about this stuff other than it’s pretty rubbish for how much it cost. If I could give it one task for the rest of its life? I’d call it a ‘top up’ mascara – a mascara that I’d carry around with me if I was going out somewhere in the evening and would use it to top up the mascara that I had on already. For the subtle effect it gives, I wouldn’t say it’s actually worth using it as a day to day mascara on its own. #disappointing.

Hand Care at Bath & Body Works

If we all know Bath & Body Works for something, most people would either say their wide range of fantastic candles or their equally wide range of incredible hand sanitizers and products to go alongside them. Now, though candles do excite me slightly and I did buy a couple while I was in the States, it wasn’t a patch on my passion for hand sanitizers and how cute they all were. So, instead of talking about hand sanitizer for an entire blog post, I thought I’d share with you a full hand care routine that Bath & Body Works have to offer and how good that really is…

Let’s start by talking about the obvious stuff: hand sanitizers. I love me some good smelling hand sanitizer and I definitely went through a phase a few years back when I would use it so frequently that the scent of Soap & Glory Hand Maid was probably my signature scent because people in class would turn right to me the moment they smelled that familiar scent from the back of the classroom. This new wave of sanitizer in my life though is going to change that and especially the gorgeous Fresh Strawberries scent that is already in my sanitizer holder from B&BW on the right hand side of the picture. The scent is such a pure smell of strawberries that I will sometimes just smell the lid of the bottle to be reminded of the gorgeous scent. The same goes with the rest of the sanitizers too even though they’re yet to go into rotation in the infamous sanitizer holder; Dancing Waters is a personal favourite that’s gorgeously fresh.

Something that interested me the moment I got to the till was the Japanese Cheery Blossom spray hand sanitizer that’s pictured on the left hand side of the picture. The idea is that instead of squirting the liquid into your palms from the smaller bottles, you spray the sanitizer onto your hand like a body mist and rub them together. I won’t lie to you: when I first saw this, I thought it would be a crap gimmick and only bought it because I’d never seen something like this before… boy was I wrong. I actually prefer spraying this onto my hands instead of using a gel consistency. Not only is it easier to control how much you’re putting onto your hands because the amount is measured in equal sprays, but the stuff is also much less messy and your hands stop feeling clammy and wet after seconds, which is something that I find isn’t present with the gel ones. I need some of this available in the UK because it’s life changing.

Last but not least was the one thing I bought purely because the smell sounded incredible… Watermelon Lemonade hand cream!? That sounds like the best thing ever! Annoyingly though, I don’t know where they got the lemonade idea from because this stuff smells of pure watermelon and is extremely strong, which makes it easy to measure how much to use because if the smell is too pungent then you know you’ve used too much. Much like most other hand creams, your hands do feel slightly clammy after using it, but not as much as my beloved Soap & Glory Hand Food which I used to be absolutely hooked to so in that sense, this stuff is a successful product as well as a scent.

Oh how I wish we had Bath & Body Works in the UK. Now I’ve tried everything out  and have fallen in love with it all, I can’t help but want to go back into there and repurchase some bits as well as try out some new stuff. Annoying, but head down to a B&BW when you’re next in America (I went to the one by Grand Central Terminal) because after all, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose

I think we all have come to learn now that when the picture of me on a blog post is an awkward one, the product is a good one (the picture was actually taken at 2:20am the other night, which is obviously a terrible time to be taking pictures for a blog post). The product in question today though, is the Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose, a product that I chose over the famous baked blushes from the line because it is such a stunning product in the packaging.
C’mon, you can’t deny that that rose shaped packaging is absolutely stunning and I would’ve been an idiot to have not picked it up. With three shades in the range, I went for the most dusky pink colour (there was also a brighter pink and a coral colour) and the colour on the cheeks is pretty true to the one in the pan. A thing to note though: don’t go in heavy-handedly. This stuff is extremely pigmented (which I learned the hard way) and you seriously need next to none to get the effect on my cheeks in the picture above; a natural flush that looks healthy and happy.
I find it hard to assess what makes a good blush and a bad blush because unless it doesn’t last for a long time or it doesn’t give off very much colour at all, it seems to work like a pretty good blusher to me. What stood out to me most about this Milani blush though, is how long-lasting it was for a powder blush. I’d normally find that the blush would have faded by about three of four hours into wearing. With this one? I think I could get through an entire school/working day and still have the remnants of this colour – I’m more than impressed.
If you’re hopping across the pond and you want to get your hands on something that looks both lovely on your dresser and lovely on your cheeks, this product is the way to go. In fact, just take a look at the entire Milani line; it’s absolutely stunning.

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer

Concealer is probably my favourite makeup product and that’s probably because I first started wearing makeup to bask in the benefits that concealer gave me; I no longer had visible redness and it meant that my acne was (maybe) less visible to others. As a result of this, I’ve actively been on the hunt for a high coverage concealer with a thick consistency for yonks and when I gazed my eyes upon that gorgeous tube of Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer in Sephora… well, I couldn’t resist.

This stuff really is the concealer of my dreams. Not only is the consistency thin which means that you don’t feel like your blemishes are caked in crap, but the thin consistency also makes it look seamless and as though your foundation covered the blemishes with perfection (which is most effective when you use a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturiser, I’d say). I think you can probably see in the decidedly awkward picture of me above that the concealer really does blend into the foundation with absolute perfection and the concealed areas aren’t highlighted whatsoever – this is probably something you would avoid the most with a perfect colour selection.

As for the coverage, I think the picture also demonstrates that it is totally perfect. Not a blemish can be seen with a small dab of this stuff and because it’s such high coverage, only the smallest amount is needed and this really is true when put into practise. I don’t put much more than a baked bean sized amount on the back of my hand and I can cover all of my blemishes; I then probably use a slightly smaller amount than that to do my under eyes, which the concealer is actually perfect at concealing may I add. Take my advice: if you are an inbetween shade, buy the one that is slightly lighter than your face – not only will it work with any foundation that you may own because it’s easier to work with a concealer lighter than your foundation as opposed to darker, but a darker concealer normally draws more attention to the blemish than there was beforehand, especially if it’s targeting redness.

All in all, I’d say that the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer really is my new holy grail concealer and I urge everyone who takes a trip to America to pick one of these up from Sephora. I seriously do not think I will be able to live without this stuff now and so much so than I think I need to put a Sephora order in online the moment I come to the end of the tube. What a dream.