Nobody Puts Movies In An Order

Nobody Puts Movies In An Order YouTube thumbnail


‘Nobody Puts Movies In An Order’ was a cinema podcast that ran for nine episodes at the end of 2019 that compared movies based on similar themes in order to find the best film ever made. Co-hosted by cinephiles Verity Bennett and producer Shaun Nolan, the show saw the two of them ranking their chosen films of the fortnight based on points they’d given them in correspondence to chosen categories: screenplay & direction, the characters, production, post-production, and cultural impact. Each week, there was a winner, but both films would be put onto the leaderboard at the end of the episode to see where it fell in the grand scheme of the show.

The music to accompany the series was composed and produced by Shaun’s frequent musical collaborator Emma Thorpe.

New episodes of the show became available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more every other Thursday morning starting Thursday October 3rd. Each episode ran at about a 55 minute-long running time.

Nobody Puts Movies In An Order is no longer available to be streamed online.

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