PICKLE: A Comedy Web Series

Shaun Nolan website Pickle main photo


Created and written by Shaun Nolan, PICKLE was a comedy web series that looked at the life of Pickle – a boy on the cusp of adulthood, learning to grapple with friends, boys and a career – and his friends. Created with a budget of £0, this was Nolan’s first foray into the world of filmed media. The plot for season one is as follows:

After studying a course in I.T. for two years, Pickle (Shaun Nolan) doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. As if this wasn’t enough of a problem for him, he soon meets Harry (Jordan Baker) who sweeps him off of his feet. With his two best friends Britt (Meghan Bunyan) and Olivia (Sharina Bruno) and his mum (Natalie Hartley) by his side and his “stalker” Rob (Jack Gomm) in tow, Pickle must navigate his way through his final summer and unravel the mess he’s made.

The ten-part web series PICKLE, created and written by Shaun Nolan, had new episodes released every Sunday during its run. Season One originally streamed on YouTube from Sunday September 17th 2017 through to Sunday November 19th 2017. The show returned for a second season on Sunday September 16th 2018. The two-part finale event was released in September 2019.


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