What I’m Grateful for Today


Times are hard on all of us right now, but there’s always stuff to be grateful for. Join host Shaun Nolan as he sits down with a wide range of guests to discuss three things they’re grateful for today, and why.

‘What I’m Grateful for Today’ is a mental health podcast which started in October 2020. Hosted by producer Shaun Nolan, the show sees different guests coming on to discuss three things they’re each grateful for that day to encourage positive thinking and healthy attitudes.

The music to accompany the series was composed and produced by Shaun’s frequent musical collaborator Emma Thorpe, with the artwork and promotional material created by Em Jenkins of Em Jenkins Design.

New episodes of the show’s first season are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more every Wednesday morning starting Wednesday October 14th. Each episode runs at about a 30 minute-long running time.

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